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LXT Fastpitch Bats

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LXT Fastpitch Bats

When high performance is the only thing in your mind, you can trust a Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch bat. One of the most advanced bats we’ve created to-date, the hot-out-of-the-wrapper design has its foundation in a three-piece construction.

Thanks to a variety of weight drops and lengths, the LXT is beloved by players from the youth ranks all the way up to elite college talent and even Olympians. A composite design centered around reducing the vibration in player’s hands perfectly blends swing speed and balance.

The 2021 LXT X20 Fastpitch bat might just be the most popular model among elite players looking for a competitive edge. With its reputation as a bat that is game-ready from the first swing, its advanced features combine to provide perfect balance and unbelievable feel. Thanks to the VCX2™ Vibration Control Connection System, you can say goodbye to the hand sting you felt in the past. 

Depending on your level of experience, age, and batting power, your choice of bat drop will increasingly be of more relevance for you. As you progress in the game and participate in more demanding leagues, you will need to use the proper specifications to comply with. We offer our LXT Fastpitch Bats in the following weight drop options:

Looking for a more personalized option? Visit Slugger’s Custom Bat Shop to design your own LXT fastpitch bat.

Make sure you take good care of all your gear and have a reliable storage solution to transport all your Louisville Slugger softball bats with our wheeled fastpitch bags.