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MLB Prime Baseball Bats

Louisville Slugger carries the designation of the Official Bat of Major League Baseball for a reason. We set the industry standard when it comes to wood bats – evidenced by our MLB Prime baseball bat lineup.

We poured 135 years of expertise and knowledge into revamping the entire MLB Prime lineup, developing our hardest surface finish ever in EXOPRO that not only increases the surface hardness of the bat, but culminates in a mirror-like appearance. A re-engineered Craftsman-Style Cup reduces chipping and cracking at the end of the bat, our Seamless Decals are integrated into the design of each bat flawlessly and our new Knob Medallion tells you everything you need to know in a high-end, easy-to-read fashion. From knob to cup, our MLB Prime baseball bats are the pinnacle of wood bats – ready to help the best players in the world write the next chapter in the game’s history.

Bring the heat to the plate with the MLB Prime Ash C271 Firestix. Based on the most popular turning model at the big league level, this bat will turn heads with its deep red finish and bold black Seamless Decals. Made exclusively with the top three percent of our wood, the MLB Prime Maple C271L Loyalist brings a no-nonsense classic look with Grey Stain and Black Seamless Decals in a turn with a balanced swing weight. Our MLB Prime Hickory C271 Atlas was created for those who chasing the long ball. The choice of hickory, a harder species than both Ash and Maple, can help power your game. The MLB Prime Birch M110 Pennies gives one of our oldest turning models a new take with a Copper Barrel blending into a Black handle in our lightest-swinging MLB Prime bat.

When it’s your turn to deliver a clutch hit, Louisville Slugger’s MLB Prime bats will help you come through – with our comprehensive collection of wood species and models.