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Maple Baseball Bats

Maple Wood Bats

Over 70 percent of Major League Baseball players choose to swing Maple wood bats. Why? Maple bats offer an unmatched sound and a solid feel on contact. A closed grain structure gives these bats their durability and stiffer feel. With Maple bats, you don’t get the flaking that you sometimes get with Ash. Power and contact hitters alike love the feel of this species of wood, cementing its continued standing in the game at the highest levels.

Some of the biggest names in baseball swing Louisville Slugger Maple bats, including former NL MVPs Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger and slugging young outfielders Eloy Jimenez and Ronald Acuna Jr.

At Louisville Slugger, we know there are plenty of considerations to take into account when choosing a bat. That’s why we offer the following options when it comes to our Maple bat offerings.

If you want to impress the fans with a unique design, take a moment to explore all the customizations available for you to make your own baseball bat at Slugger’s Custom Bat Shop.