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Fungo Bats

If you’re going to be ready on gameday, you need to put in the work. Coaches put their teams through their paces with fungo bats on a regular basis. With time and reps, you can see the results of that hard work on the day of the game. Fungo bats are critical training tools for coaches. Their lightweight, easy-to-swing design allows them to hit ball after ball to their players. Whether your outfielders need work tracking fly balls and running more efficient routes or infielders need to practice their footwork, a fungo bat is a must-have.

Fungo baseball bats are available in several different species of wood. The Flylite MB 37 is the newest and lightest addition to the Louisville Slugger family of Fungo bats. Made from poplar wood, this training bat’s ultra-light feel allows coaches to hit ball after ball without getting fatigued. The K100 Ash Fungo features an end-weighted design and lighter swing weight that allows for more distance with less effort. With the Maple S345 Fungo, you get a fungo bat that’s incredibly easy to swing and is preferred by coaches looking for something that’s easy to handle.

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