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Ash Baseball Bats

Ash Baseball Bats

One in every for MLB players choose ash bats for their increased flexibility. Ash baseball bats are far more forgiving than their Maple counterparts, which means you rarely see multi-piece fractures when the bat breaks. These bats are usually lighter than other wood species and is the original big league wood species. The truly unique grain structure of the wood gives these bats the flexibility that elite and youth players alike have come to love over the years.

Hitters looking for a lighter-swinging bat choose Louisville Slugger ash baseball bats. Our C271, our most popular turning model, comes in ash – namely the Select Cut Ash C271, which is one of our most sought-after bats. It features a traditional look with EXOARMOR proprietary finish for twice the surface hardness and great pop with a timeless appearance. Looking for a bat that’s both high-performing but budget-friendly? Our Ash Series 5 lineup features several turning models and finishes – perfect for players of all ages.

Young players who are already making a name for themselves will love the Ash 125. Its lightness and flexibility offer a greater sweet spot that is perfect for developing players.

If you’re looking for a lightweight wooden bat that delivers, take a look at the ash wood bats by Louisville Slugger. Available in a variety of models including:

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