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Baseball Training Equipment

Baseball Training Equipment

Whether you are an experienced player, aspiring pro or just getting started in the game, training will always be the most important part of your development. Practicing and maintaining strong baseball fundamentals is critical to continued improvement and having the right baseball training equipment is as important.

One of the areas where you can see the most improvement is in your batting skills. The right baseball training bats will allow you to work on improving your skills like hand-eye coordination, strength and precision and allow coaches to train the defense with fly balls and ground balls. Training bats are divided into three groups: fungos, weighted and one-hand bats.

The S345 Black Ash Fungo Training Bat has an end-weight design and it is amazingly light. The foam core powers this wood bat for more distance with a lighter swing. Put the outfielders to work on countless reps with this baseball training bat. The newest member of the Louisville Slugger fungo lineup brings a new wood into the mix: poplar. This model features Louisville Slugger’s EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives an added hardness to the bat you can feel and hear with every swing. For hitters looking to improve their strength, the Weighted Training Bat provides the construction of a typical wood bat but with all the benefits of added weight. Grow those stats by training to improve swing speed and strength while maintaining good form. For the slugger looking to do one arm drills, the 1-hand 18” Training Bat is the perfect Baseball training equipment to isolate a hitter’s swing and work on the specifics. Add comfort and stability with every swing.

Training Bats are an important element in your development as a player. Check the most important features:

  • Fungo Bats
  • Weighted training bats
  • 1- hand Bats
  • Deep Cup Bats
  • Foam Core Bats

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