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Youth / USA Baseball Bats

Youth/USA Baseball Bats

Get ‘em started young with the best youth baseball bats from Louisville Slugger. Help them develop a lifelong passion for the spot and keep them safe while they have fun with their friends and teammates. With USA Baseball bats by Louisville Slugger, you can be confident your children are equipped with the best bats for those just getting their start in the game.

Getting kids involved in youth baseball is great for their health, encourages teamwork from an early age and helps improve coordination skills. Our youth USA Baseball bats meet the highest standards to ensure the safety and proper development of your little player. Your child will love stepping into the box for the first time with the 2020 Prime Tee Ball Baseball Bat. Built especially for the youngest players, this one-piece Louisville Slugger kids baseball bat features a (-12.5) weight drop and is made of 100% alloy. The synthetic leather grip allows better bat control while they get used to swinging. For the more serious young player, the 2020 Prime USA Baseball Bat is designed to help them take their game to the next level. Because we take our youth baseball bats seriously, this bat features the same technologies as the adult version to deliver the same high performance and help young ones take their first steps in the game.

Our line of kids baseball bats is compliant with USA Baseball regulations and offers a variety of options for young players. Find their favorite fit from all our different models:

Looking to add some comfort to your swing? Check out our Bat Grips to give your hands a break and your bat a new boost.

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